The Kingdom of Brodhan
Background information
Type Semi-Autonomous Kingdom
Location Inside Midarim
In Regions
Capital The Shining Halls at Rikaling
Ruler House Eorman, King Aeofold
Other Information
Summary A powerful semi-autonomous kingdom inside Midarim. It is strongly allied to Taarin, as the ruling families and people are related. Its power is in the hoof of the horse.
Other names The Golden Land. The Lesser Ocean.
Inhabitants Westmen
Spoken languages
Population Few, uncounted.

Brodhan is a semi-autonomous kingdom inside Midarim. It makes its own laws, is free to collect its own taxes and hold its own army. In return for these privileges, Brodhan must fight for Midarim whenever needed, and must pay the king in Miron taxes. Its capital is at Rikaling, where two shining halls sit atop two rocky needles, a beacon across the great grassy plains. In these halls sits the Golden King, ruler of Brodhan, and lord of the Westmen.