Some geopolitical definitions used on this wiki could be confusing. Here is a glossary of sorts:

  • Region: A geographical area, defined by features of the landscape. Some examples of regions would be: 'The Greatwood' or 'The Grassed Ocean'.
  • Realm: A political area, such as a lordship, a kingdom, or any other country or nation - independent or not. Some examples would be: 'Midarim'; 'Brodhan' or 'Taarin'.

Something to note: Sometimes a name can refer to a Region and a Realm. Most notable of these is 'The Farwood' and 'The Farwood Realm'. The Farwood is a geographical area of 'The Greatwood' between the Rivers Breon and Val. It is contained within the kingdoms of Holtstead and Midarim. 'The Farwood Realm' however is a political entity inside Midarim alone, that takes up over half of 'The Farwood'. Such issues as these arise from centuries of names, misinterpreted and used differently by different peoples.