House Plangirin

The entire family tree of House Plangirin, including House Miron.

The powerful noble house currently in control of Midarim. It is part of the father line Plangirin, and its brother house in that respect is House Rivisar. Have a look at the diagram to the right / below to make clear.

Occasionally the Houses Miron and Rivisar combine, forming House Plangirin (or House Miron-Rivisar). This happens when one line ends, meaning that the sibling line becomes the rulers of both controlled kingdoms: Midarim and Islabard. Again, the diagram is helpful here.

The ruler of House Miron is called 'The King of Midarim' and 'The Iron King of the East'.

Founding, Establishment and History. Edit

To find out about the founding of Midarim, see the page on the union house, House Plangirin.

The Miron branch of House Plangirin was created after Edmir I's sons decided to split the house between Islabard and Midarim (OC 512). The first king of the new Miron branch was Edmir II (brother of Finward I - ruler of House Rivisar in Islabard).

After Edmir III died in 629, no clear heir was found. The lords of Midarim invited the king of Islabard at the time - Ethel I - to become High King of both Midarim and Islabard. He agreed, and was crowned on 30 Erntar 629.

After his son - Ethel II died, there was a problem. Ethel II's two sons had been born identical twins, within minutes of each other - so there was no clear heir to the united kingdom. They once more agreed to split the House between Miron and Rivisar. This split has continued to this day, and still the Miron branch rules Midarim and the Rivisar branch rules Islabard.