Iraeon is the language of the Iron Men. It is spoken in the main part of Midarim and in Islabard. It is the main language in The Farwood Realm, and is spoken a little in Brodhan. It is the language of trade around the world - meaning it is the principle language in The Easter Kingdoms. It is also known as the common tongue.

Dictionary (English - Iraeon) Edit

Beginning - Frumar

Cold - Kalt

Dark - Tharm

End - Albin

Fall - Fan

Fire - Maen

Fog - Sumar

Glorious - Hedras

Harvest - Erntar

King - Maern

Leaf - Blaid

Life - Aldor

Melt - Gerth

Month - Marth

Tree - Barm

Snow - Narth

Sun - Ardin