There are many very diverse peoples on Paranios, even a few different intelligent races. This is the main page where you can find summaries, and links to relevant pages.


  • Iron Men - The most advanced people. They have discovered flight by means of airships, are masters of boats, and masters of steelwork - fashioning great armour and swords. They only make up 10% of the population on the continent, but they are by far the most mighty. They are majority populations in Islabard and Mirion.
  • Woodmen - Men of the forest. They are great axemen, and fierce gurella fighters. They make their living of the sale of wood, and eat the berries from the trees. Woodmen are fine archers also, great at catching deer. They make up the vast majority of the population in Holtstead, and live in The Farwood Realm.
  • Northmen - Uncountable in number, the Northmen roam Norband, and somehow survive in the great, white cold. Should the Northmen unite, no one could stand in the way of their cold steel.
  • Westerlings - The great horselords of Taarin. They are nomads, roaming the Grassed Ocean, settling for little more than a day at a time.
  • Westmen - Cousins of the Westerlings. They live in Brodhan, and have settled down in shining wooden cities on the plains. Strong friends with Westerlings, but often thought as more civilised.
  • Bargon - An entirely different race. They stand at three meters tall, and are half men, half bear.