Easter Kingdoms Draft
The Easter Kingdoms
Background information
Type Confederation of Kingdoms
Location Eastern Paranios, below Midarim.
In Regions
Capital Tandar
Ruler Lord High Chancellor - Elected Monarch
Other Information
Summary The most democracy you can get on paranios. The confederation of kingdoms is a haven for trade and freedoms. This means its population has boomed. It has good relations with every Kingdom due to its powerful economic position.
Other names
Inhabitants Mixed
Spoken languages
Population 3,000,000+

The Easter Kingdoms are a confederation of 7 kingdoms (Including one capital) on the east coast of Paranios. They lie to the south-east of Midarim, and to the east of Taarin.The Kindoms are, in decreasing order of population: Lamistan, Caksar, Falirar, Barndon, Valitin, Tandar (capital kingdom) and Wirimon. They are very densely populated for their size, due to the vast immigration from other kingdoms.

Rule and Government Edit

The Easter Kingdoms are sometimes known as The Free Kingdoms. They are the closest to what we would call a democracy. Here is an attempt to explain the slightly complicated system:

Lord Representative Edit

Each separate kingdom elects a Lord Representative. To be elected you must have the money to make yourself known to the people of that kingdom. This generally means that people standing for election are bankers, lords or wealthy merchants. On June 1th every 5 years, the election hopefuls give a 10 minute speech in the capital of the kingdom, in a public space. Depending on the number of people who want to be elected, the process (called the Election Role) often lasts about 3 hours (longest Election Role was 27 hours).

After the public have been made aware of the choice, on June 10th, voting commences. There is a voting hall in each capital city. Ballot papers have all the names of those who gave a speech 9 days earlier. A voter simply selects which person he/she wants, then puts his vote in a box. All votes happen on the same day, so no one from other constituent kingdoms can vote twice.

Votes for each candidate are counted, and the result announced on June 12th.

The Lord Representative moves into his palace at 1:00 on the same day, and chooses a council. There must be 12 council members, they can be anyone, but must be chosen by the Lord Representative. The Lord Representative then has control over that constituent kingdom. Although he theoretically has absolute control, in reality the bankers, merchants, lords and traders in the kingdom have a grip on the kingdom.

-Powers of the Lord Representative- Edit

  • Power to elect a Lord Justice of the court of the kingdom.
  • Power to elect a Lord Admiral for the protection of the kingdom (via army and policing).
  • Power to call a council whenever he wants. (Though he must call one before an election to organise voting.)

-Who organises voting?- Edit

The council of the kingdom organise voting for the next Lord Representative. They sort out the polling station and the Election Roll.